Why do some computer science graduates appear to have the superpower to get a well-paid job, whenever they want?

What do they have that you don’t?

Why are hiring managers preferring them over you?

Develop the skills & practical experience that motivates hiring managers to call you with a job offer instantly. Crack technical rounds with confidence. Become the dream candidate of every hiring manager.

Hi, I'm Praveen Kumar Purushothaman. I'm a Full Stack Developer with 6+ years of industrial experience. I have a Masters in Cloud Computing with Distinction from the University of Leicester, England.

Let me ask you a simple question.

What was your plan after you graduate with a degree in computer sciences?

Get a well-paying job and spend days coding passionately.

And what happens when you don’t get that job, even after months and years of graduation?

You get so frustrated that you feel like punching a wall... just like these two.

Can you hear that? Listen closely.

They are screaming,

“Why won’t anyone give me a job? Someone PLEASE give me a job!”

Imagine their hopelessness.

They would have sent countless job applications and tried their luck at every walk-in-interview. Their resumes would beg every hiring manager to give them ONE chance.

Unfortunately, none of their job applications receives any callbacks. And every walk-in-interview ends in rejection, disappointment and frustration.

Finally, tens and hundreds of rejections later, their self-esteem is shattered, their self-confidence doesn’t exist, and their sense of self-worth is ZERO.

Every night they would cry and pray for a miracle before they went to sleep.

Many of us have been in this depressing situation. Some of us still are suffering from this never-ending phase of unemployment.

Maybe you are in this difficult situation too.

Let’s be honest here. If you have been telling yourself, “OMG, this is me!”, then you are suffering like them.

But there’s good news for you.

What if I tell you that your jobless nightmare will end in the next 3 months? What if you have the secret recipe to make that happen?

Because I’m going to give you the step-by-step process to end your unemployment, right now.

Let’s get started.

This is what’s stopping you from getting a job.

When we have been rejected a hundred times, what motivates us to apply for a job again and again?


  • My parents will be disappointed in me. I need to earn and make them proud of me. Let me send the job application one more time.
  • Oh god, my relatives and neighbours will constantly taunt me in front of my parents. That will be extremely embarrassing. I can’t give up. Let me send the job application one more time.
  • If I don’t find a job, all my years of education and all my parents’ hard-earned money and sacrifices will be wasted. I cannot tolerate that. I HAVE to get a job. Let me send the job application one more time.
  • Damn! All my friends are working and earning well. Some were picked up in the campus placements too. I wasn’t that lucky. If I don’t find a job, I can’t face them. I need to get a well-paying job so that I can hang out with them without feeling ashamed of myself. Let me send the job application one more time.

In such situations, we always find a way to not give up.

Personally, I love people who never give up. It’s a sign of strong character and will power. When I think of someone who kept trying no matter what, I think of these legends.

But why did they find success and we aren’t able to… no matter how much we try?

It’s because they kept trying in the right direction.

You see, the problem is that we put our efforts into doing things that don’t work. No matter how much you try, you will never reach your destination if you keep walking in the wrong direction.

Think about it.

What if I told you that you could go faster than a cheetah if you keep trying and never give up? You would hit me with a frying pan!

But on the other hand, if I gave you a car and asked you to go faster than a cheetah, you would… easily.

So far you have been trying to outrun the cheetah on foot.

And what makes this problem worse is when we decide to get a masters degree.

Let’s say we get a master degree. Then what?

We again end up in the same cycle that starts with sending job applications and ends in rejection and disappointment.

Please don’t get me wrong. I think higher education is excellent. If you can afford to do it from an elite institute… go for it. It DOES significantly help in getting a job.

But that’s the biggest disadvantage. Only if you get higher education from such institutions, your job prospects will improve. And they cost a bomb. We middle-class folks can’t afford it. At least not without a loan.

And, when you do get a job, you end up spending a large portion of your salary paying off the loan.

Can you imagine how awful that is?

You will most likely spend the next 10-20 years of your life paying off that loan. I know people who are in their late-30s and are still paying off their education loan.

What about your dreams? What about taking that trip with your family? What about building that house you always wanted?

Where would you have money to do any of that?

I don’t know about you, but to me, that certainly sounds like a terrible plan.

Wouldn’t it be much better if you could get a well-paying job without all that fuss?

You know what, you can… only if you know the ONE thing, every hiring manager looks for.

Here’s the SECRET ingredient that will make every hiring manager desperate to hire you!

Let me tell you something that no one talks about.

The best and the biggest companies in the world will tell you that if you can prove to them that you can make them bigger and better, they will hire you instantly.

Consider this paragraph in a 2019 Business Insider article:

Source: Business Insider

There you go!

The secret here is to have “skills that get the job done”.

Not only that.

If you want to secure a well-paying job today, then you need skills that are in high-demand TODAY.

That’s all you need to do.

“But Praveen, what are these skills?”

There are many.

But hiring managers find one skill extremely rare and precious. They dream of hiring a candidate with that skill.

Let me show you what that is.

HackerRank surveyed over 1 lakh developers across 162 countries (including India), between Nov-Dec 2019.

And this is what they found.

Source: HackersRank 2020 Developers Skill Report

38% of hiring managers across all company sizes agree that the no. 1 role to fill in 2020 is Full-Stack Developers.

In fact, 43% of small companies (1-49 employees) say that full-stack developers are their top priority.

That’s almost half of them!

There’s a crazy demand for them all across the world.

But why?

Tell me something. Imagine you need someone to do three different tasks for you. Would you

  • Hire three different people, one for each task? Or,
  • Hire one person, who can do all three of them?

Of course, you will hire one person who can do all the three tasks.

You need to only deal with one guy and not three. You save the cost of hiring two more people. Any smart person would go with the second option.

And exactly that’s why companies are going crazy over hiring full-stack developers.

Companies hire full-stack developers to create online products and services.

They have the technical knowledge to operate all the three layers of a project - Front-End, Back-End and the Database Layer.

That means that a full-stack developer has the skills to handle the development of an entire product single-handedly.

For the companies this means,

  • Their overall cost is less since that need just one developer per project.
  • They get a high-quality product quickly since only one person handles the whole project. This also eliminates any chance of miscommunication.
  • They don’t need to stress when there’s a technical problem. Since a full-stack developer knows many languages, they quickly understand new technologies and apply the correct one to solve problems.

Transforming from a front-end developer or a backend developer to a full-stack developer is like turning into a Super Saiyan.

No wonder every founder and hiring manager LOVES full-stack developers.

“Alright, Praveen. You have made your point. Now tell me how much do they earn?”

I won’t tell you. I’ll show you.

Source: Indeed

Source: Glassdoor

According to Indeed & Glassdoor, the average salary of a full-stack developer is around ₹ 6 lakhs.

To give you an even better idea on how much companies pay, here’s a small list compiled by Glassdoor.

Source: Glassdoor

Now the question is, how do you develop these skills.

A full-stack developer is expected to know many languages. Surely this would take years to learn.

Actually, NO!

You can become a skilled and experienced full-stack developer in as little as three months.

Here’s how.

The only thing you need to transform yourself!

To become a skilled and experienced full-stack developer that founders and hiring managers desire badly is…

A well-structured bootcamp that teaches the specific skills that founders and hiring managers look for in an ideal full-stack developer.

I know, I know. You have probably heard everyone say,

"A bootcamp doesn’t get you a job... bootcamps are not as good as a proper college degree."

Well, they are wrong.

Don’t believe me?

Would you instead believe IBM’s Vice President of Compensation, Benefits, & HR Business Development, Joanna Daly?

Here’s what she told CNBC Make It.

Source: CNBC

Not only does she encourage developers to attend coding bootcamps, but she also prefers candidates who have hands-on experience.

You see, companies, big and small, are now looking beyond college degrees. They want to see skills and experience in handling projects.

Take the case of Sean Davis, for example. He’s the security engineer for IBM’s cybersecurity business.

When CNBC Make It asked how he got the job at IBM, this is what he said.

Source: CNBC

I know what you are thinking.

“Praveen, we need a job to build experience. And we have no job! We are back at square one.”

You are absolutely right.

But what if you could build experience without having a job?

Every successful bootcamp has one element in common - an effective structure. These bootcamps ensure that students master the skills.

The students are required to work on live projects that help them build practical experience.

That’s why bootcamps are so effective in skill training and building experience, at the same time.

And hiring managers agree with that.

HackersRank 2020 Developers Skill Report shows that 72% of hiring managers that have hired a bootcamp grad felt they were equally or better equipped for the job than other hires.

According to them, the top 3 reasons bootcamp graduates excel are

  • Ability to learn new technologies & languages quickly (71%)
  • Strong practical experience (61%)
  • Eager to take on new responsibilities (52%)

Bootcamp graduates often have a way better chance of getting picked up by hiring managers.

In fact, the report also showed that 1 out of 3 hiring managers have hired a bootcamp graduate.

Source: HackersRank 2020 Developers Skill Report

This isn’t a dream. It’s a reality.

Imagine HUNGRY hiring managers calling you all day.

They have just gone through your resume, and they can’t stop salivating over your skills and finished projects.

They immediately call you up to set up an interview.

You crush the technical rounds. Everyone is extremely impressed with you. The interviewer realises that you are the perfect candidate to help them build kickass online products.

Within a week, you have hiring managers telling you the 4 magical words you have been dying to hear.

“Congratulations! You are selected.”

Now, you know the way. You know the secrets. It’s time to upgrade yourself.

  • To learn the skills, to develop practical experience, to get a job… all without spending tons of money… what you need is a bootcamp that
  • Offers live classes and not recorded classes.
  • Allows students to ask and clarify their questions and doubts live, and not after weeks.
  • Doesn’t charge a huge upfront fee.
  • Assist you in finding a job.


The 10-Week LIVE

Full-Stack Development Bootcamp

Become every hiring manager’s DREAM candidate in 10 weeks!

Would you wait for 6 months to get a job, when you could get it in just 3 months? Of course not! You have waited long enough for it.

I wanted you to learn maximum skills and gain maximum experience… in the shortest time possible.

After all, time is money. The sooner you learnt all the skills, the sooner you would be able to get the job and start earning.

I divided the bootcamp into two parts:

  • Core concepts
  • Complementary concepts

The majority of our 130-hour live training focuses on developing core concepts and skills that founders and hiring managers want job applicants to have.

This is a critical factor in getting a job. If hiring managers don’t see these skills on your resume, they will simply ignore it.

The complementary concepts are equally important. However, we have structured our bootcamp in a way that you will be able to master them while you work on live projects and assignments.

So you see, you are not losing anything!

Let me take you through the details.

What does the course include?


130 hours of LIVE training

This is a 400-hour long bootcamp. Out of that, you will spend 130 dedicated hours in live training on Zoom. So make sure you have Zoom installed on your laptop. You will spend the remaining 270-hours building online products, websites or apps, interacting with startup founders and entrepreneurs and completing assignments.


Ask questions and doubts LIVE and get them answered immediately

You will be able to ask questions and clarify your doubts within the live sessions. Unlike recorded classes, you don’t have to wait for weeks to have your questions answered.


Build REAL products for REAL tech startups during the 270 hours of practical training

You will spend a massive amount of time coding and building real online products, websites and apps for startups. These are real projects from real companies. That means that these companies will launch your products and everyone on the internet will be able to see it.


Discuss and learn from startup founders and entrepreneurs about how they want you to build their product

Your knowledge and skill will improve the more you learn how they think. You will talk to them about how they want their product, website or app to work. They will review your work, identify mistakes and offer suggestions on how to rectify and improve your code.


Develop the crucial soft skills that every hiring manager wants in a candidate

Apart from your ability to code, hiring managers also assess your soft skills. How you talk, how you communicate, how well you listen, how you perform in a team, whether you are capable of leading a team, etc. Impressive technical skills + extraordinary soft skills = Guaranteed job selection!


Ensure hiring managers and founders can find you when they want to hire you by optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

Every hiring manager and founder is present on LinkedIn. They are searching for the perfect candidates every day. That’s why having an optimised profile on LinkedIn is mandatory. So that when they search for a full-stack developer, they can find your profile and see your skills and experiences.


Write a resume that makes hiring managers pick up the phone and call you for an interview

It won’t matter how impressive your coding skills are or how much experience you have if your resume ends up in a dustbin. Hiring managers like short and to-the-point resumes. We will help you build a resume that will highlight what a hiring manager exactly wants to see in it—nothing more, nothing less.

What will you learn?

Week 1

  • Introduction and Community Bonding
  • Introduction to the Project
  • Editor & Tooling Setup
  • Installation of Software:
  • Git & Terminal Setup
  • VS Code & Extensions
  • Google Chrome & Extensions

Week 2

  • Introduction to Git
  • Issues & Pull Requests
  • GitHub Workflow
  • Open vs. Closed Source Software
  • Private vs. Public Git Repositories

Week 3

  • Introduction to Front End.
  • HTML & Semantics
  • Writing Semantic HTML
  • Introduction to CSS Box Model
  • Display, Float and Positions
  • Responsive Web Design

Week 4

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Data Types in JavaScript
  • Objects & Arrays
  • Control Statements
  • Loops & Uses
  • Functions
  • ES6 New Concepts

Week 5

  • Introduction to React JS
  • Installing and Running a simple React App
  • Types of React Components
  • Creating Components using React JS
  • Introduction to JSX
  • Adding CSS & SCSS to React Apps

Week 6

  • Creating Application Layouts
  • Using Dynamic Data with Props
  • Introduction to Functional Components
  • Introduction to React Router
  • Using Helpers and Utility Functions
  • Creating Event Listeners & Binding
  • Handling Different Events

Week 7

  • Understanding States
  • Loading Data into State with Events
  • Displaying contents of State
  • Updating State objects
  • Don't mutate states!
  • Persisting State data using LocalStorage
  • Bidirectional Data Flow

Week 8

  • Introduction to Node JS
  • Running a Simple Express Server
  • Basic Hello World REST API in Express JS
  • Creating modular Routers in Express JS
  • Using POST Variables with Body Parser
  • Using in-memory storage to access data

Week 9

  • Understanding the different HTTP Verbs and where to use them
  • Setting up Routing
  • Middleware and Error Handling
  • Creating a Mock REST API
  • What is User Session?
  • Using a Session middleware

Week 10

  • Handling Sessions and Authentication
  • Using NodeMailer to send out Emails
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Introduction to AJAX calls
  • Using Fetch
  • Using Axios and understanding difference between fetch and Axios
  • Creating & implementing Service Calls
  • Consuming service calls and updating components

Hi. I'm your instructor

Hi. My name is Praveen Kumar Purushothaman, and I’m a Full-Stack Developer with over 6 years of industrial experience, half of which were working in TCS and Accenture.

I have a Masters Degree in Cloud Computing with Distinction from the University of Leicester, England.

In my 6 years in the industry, I have been fortunate enough to mentor and teach many enthusiastic and helped them improve their skills.

Here's what they have to say about me

"I am a learning specialist with 20yrs of experience with giants like GE, Harvard, and united nations- I know a good teacher when I see one - Praveen is the most intelligent, wise and helpful mentor I ever found. He's awesome with algorithms, and best practices and his teaching skills are nothing but superb."

- Venkat Senaga Setty

"Extremely helpful! Would recommend to anyone new to web development or computer science in general. Praveen is truly passionate about what he teaches, and the information he provides is invaluable."

- Parth Mathuria

"The most amazing mentor I've ever met! He also sent me helpful information for me to research and read so that I can reach my goal even faster. I can't express how appreciative I am towards his willingness to teach, mentor and more importantly, be a person with a good heart who wants to sincerely and honestly help a novice programmer like me. Thank you!"

- Zebedee Pitterson

"Praveen was great! Walked me through my work and gave me a great start for my assignment. Honestly, I can't thank him enough! He paused the session when he didn't think I was gaining any value (i.e. when I was trying to find the tab to end the session at the end). Definitely recommended!"

- Jonathan Chu

How to get started?

Step 1 - Join the Bootcamp instantly by paying a registration fees of ₹ 24,999

Step 2 - Fill the application form

Step 3 - Submit your KYC documents

Step 4 - Submit the ISA (Income Sharing Agreement) after you and your parents sign it.

Step 5 - Program Introduction class.

Step 6 - Community Bonding and Device setup class.

Step 7 - Bootcamp starts.

How does the ISA Agreement work?


You pay on 10% of your monthly income for 2 years.


You pay nothing till you get a job.

₹3 Lakhs

No matter how high your salary goes, you will never pay more than ₹3 lakhs (total of 24 monthly payments).

Still have questions about the ISA? Check out our FAQ section


The 10-Week LIVE

Full-Stack Development Bootcamp

Get started now

for a down payment of just ₹24,999

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If you have any questions or concerns about the course, you can email us or chat with us.


We're happy to help


We've got A's for your Q's

Income Sharing Agreement

What is an ISA?

An Income Sharing Agreement or the ISA, allows you to share a part of your income with us as course fee. The ISA would get activated only and ONLY when you start earning using the skills you learn from the bootcamp.

How does ISA work?

  • As soon as you get a job, you will pay us 10% CTC in equal monthly instalments (EMI) for a period of 24 months.
  • Once your EMI stops at the completion of the 24 month period or when the total of your monthly payments amounts to ₹3 lakhs.
  • You would be legally bound to submit various documents such as salary slips, offer letter, Form 26AS, bank statements, etc.
  • ISA is to be signed by SwiftHyre, you and your parent (or legal guardian).

How does ISA payment collection happen?

You will be required to sign an acknowledgement letter, which will authorize your banks to activate the ECS (Electronic Clearance System) for authorizing auto-debits every month for deduction of 10% of your salary monthly in the SwiftHyre's account.

When do I have to start paying as per the ISA?

Your EMI starts as soon as you receive your first salary after joining a company.

How will you verify my income?

You would be legally required to submit the following documents:

  • Offer Letter
  • Salary Slips
  • Bank Statements
  • Form 26AS  

What documents do I have to submit? And what are the deadlines?

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • ISA agreement - Within 2 days of receiving the ISA and other respective documents.
  • Offer Letter - Withing 24 hours of receiving the offer letter.
  • Student profile & Resume - Within 15 days of notice sent by our Placement cell.  
  • Salary slip - Within 5 days of receiving the salary.
  • KYC Documents - Within 5 days of the notice sent by our KYC partners.
  • Bank details - Within 7 days of joining the company post an employment offer..

Will I have to pay if I quit the job or get fired?

  • If you quit, then yes. You will continue paying the EMI.
  • If you get fired, then we offer a 3 month moratorium period where you don't pay any EMI unless you get another job. We also help with placements during this 3 month moratorium period.

Will I have to pay if I change my Job?

Yes. Once you join at the new company, you will need to furnish the first month's salary slip and offer letter of the new job.  

How can I terminate the ISA?

The ISA terminates automatically once you have paid all the EMI for 24 months, or the total of all your EMI's amount to ₹3 lakhs, whichever is earlier.

You can terminate the ISA before either of that happens, subjected to the following termination fees:

  • After 2 weeks from the start of the bootcamp - ₹10,000
  • After 1 month from the start of the bootcamp - ₹25,000
  • After 1.5 months from the start of the bootcamp - ₹50,000
  • After 2 months or more from the start of the bootcamp - ₹1,00,000
  • After the completion of bootcamp but before getting an offer letter - You’ll have to pay is an upfront fee of ₹1 lakh
  • After getting an offer letter and during employment - You will have to pay us an upfront fee of ₹3 lakhs, minus the total of all the monthly payments up until then.

How does ISA work if I want to build a startup/freelance business, instead of a job?

Our bootcamp is designed for people who want a job after the bootcamp is over. If you want to opt for a startup/freelance career, then we have the following procedure in place:

  • You will need written approval from us for NOT participating in the placement process and withdrawing from the ISA agreement; &,
  • Pay an upfront fee of ₹1 lakh withing 30 days from obtaining approval to withdraw from the ISA agreement

For how long do I need to pay the EMIs?

You will need to pay EMIs for 24 months starting from your job joining date unless the total of all your EMIs amount to ₹3 lakhs. That means if the cumulative amount of all your EMIs reach ₹3 lakhs within 18 months, the ISA terminates and you don't pay anything for the remaining 6 months

Can I pay all the ISA payments at Once?

Unfortunately, we don't offer such an option at the moment. However, you will be able to terminate the ISA before 24 months or before you reach a total EMI ceiling of ₹3 lakhs, subjected to the following termination fees:

  • After 2 weeks from the start of the bootcamp - ₹10,000
  • After 1 month from the start of the bootcamp - ₹25,000
  • After 1.5 months from the start of the bootcamp - ₹50,000
  • After 2 months or more from the start of the bootcamp - ₹1,00,000
  • After the completion of bootcamp but before getting an offer letter - You’ll have to pay is an upfront fee of ₹1 lakh
  • After getting an offer letter and during employment - You will have to pay us an upfront fee of ₹3 lakhs, minus the total of all the monthly payments up until then.

What will happen if I do not pay any EMI? or What us an ISA Breach?

An ISA breach applies when you fail to pay one or more EMI's under any of the following circumstances:

  • In case of a default, the guarantors (in this case your parents or legal guardian) will be liable to pay the balance unpaid income share, with an additional interest rate of 25% per annum on the default amount. This liability arises only after 3 months from the date the default.
  • In case you fail to pay EMIs for 3 consecutive months, you will be required to pay the ceiling of the ISA i.e. ₹3 lakhs with an additional interest of 25% per annum on the default amount, from the date of default. You will be required to pay this within 30 days from the communication of the default.
  • If you fail to intimate us of securing a job, you will be required to pay ₹1 lakh within a month from the date of communication of the default.
  • In case you wish to leave the territorial boundaries of India, you would be required to pay us ₹3 lakhs minus the amount you have already paid by way of EMIs before you leave India.
  • If you want to pursue higher studies instead of getting a job, you would be required to pay us ₹1 lakh.

What is an ISA Breach Recovery Cheque?

  • ISA breach recovery cheque is ₹50,000 cheque which you will submit to us along with the ISA.
  • The cheque should be from your parent's or legal guardian's bank account. It would be an un-dated cheque and in the name of our company.
  • The cheque would only be executed if and when you default with your EMI payments.

Course & Enrollment

How do I enrol for this bootcamp?

All you have to do is click on here, make the payment and you are enrolled into the bootcamp.

When does the bootcamp start?

We have multiple batches throughout the year. Please check out for upcoming batch schedules.

Is it a part-time course?

No, it is a full-time course. You have to mandatorily dedicate around 8-hours every day to this bootcamp.

We strongly recommend you don't combine this bootcamp with a job or any similar engagement.

What certificate will I get at the end of the bootcamp?

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of this bootcamp.

This certificate isn't certified by AICTE or UGC or any university.

What's the medium of instruction of this bootcamp?

The Bootcamp will be online and LIVE.

Will the recordings of the live classes be available after the completion of the bootcamp?

Yes. You can download the recordings of live classes once the Bootcamp is over, for lifetime access.

The 10-Week LIVE

Full-Stack Development Bootcamp

Get started now for just

for a down payment of just ₹24,999

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, you can email us or chat with us.


We're happy to help