Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • I’m unable to get a job because I have insufficient percentage in graduation.
  • I didn’t study hard enough in college, and now I’ll never get a job.
  • No one wants to hire me because I have a few gap years.

Ok, so you didn’t study hard. Or, you couldn’t work for a few years because of an unfortunate injury or something. Or, you have low percentages. So what?

If I wanted to know if you can make an omelette, I’d ask you to make me an omelette. I wouldn’t ask what grades you got in a culinary school or how many years it has been since you cooked an egg.

See, the problem with the current education system is that it doesn’t give an accurate measure of a person’s skill or talent. All it says is the student has cleared a bunch of exams with so many marks or this grade.

For decades, companies have depended on these degrees to select candidates for various job roles.

But, in the 21st century, the reality is a bit different. Companies now look for skills and practical experience.

They are looking for the answer to the question, “Do you have the skills to carry out your job role and help our company grow?”

If you can confidently prove to them that the answer is YES, then you’ll be hired immediately.

SwiftHyre is on a mission to help you, and others like you, master the skills that allow you to prove to any company, that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Every day, we work with hundreds of companies across various industries and company sizes. That allows us to learn exactly what they want in an ideal candidate for a given job role.

We then use this information to design and build courses that combine skill development as well as practical training.

The most valuable aspect of our courses is that we engage our students to work on real projects for real startups and companies.

These projects build the practical experience that these very company and other similar companies demand from their ideal candidates.

Once the course is complete, we provide placement assistance through our network of 300+ organizations, career counsellors, placement coaches and more.

SwiftHyre is your one-stop solution to build the skills, practical experience, and the confidence to walk out of a job interview with an offer letter in your hand.

Now. Let’s build your skills to make HRs drool over you.